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USS Wasp-class LHD (1/700) - 700-29

Railing, ladders, flight deck nets, SPS-49 & SPS-10 radars, "Tilly" crane and forklift details, helicopter rotors, anchors, cable reels, hull doors, island floodlights, mast details, more. ADVISORY: The real ships of this class feature an unusual system of overhanging decks on the hull sides with smaller platforms supported by a complex series of stanchions. The GMM set supplies dedicated pre-shaped rails with stanchions to fit these areas along with gaps and slots provided for small protruding platforms. Some of these delicate parts will be challenging to install and are recommended for expert modelers only. Other modelers may wish to delete strips of stanchions in some areas or to cut the rail and stanchion strips into shorter lengths to ease installation.


Fits Revell of Germany kits of Wasp and Essex-class assault ships.

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