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1 April 2019


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200-1 1/200 scale YAMATO / MUSASHI 135.00
200-1A 1/200 scale Gold PLUS YAMATO Details 70.00
200-2 1/200 scale TWO-BAR RAILING 70.00
200-3 1/200 scale THREE-BAR RAILING 70.00
240-4 1/240 scale REVELL OLYMPIA AND GLENCOE OREGON (Equips both models) 70.00
240-5 1/240 scale REVELL BUCKLEY, BLIGH AND WARD (Equips both models) 70.00
250-6 1/250 scale YAMATO / MUSASHI 135.00
192-1 1/192 scale WORLD WAR TWO BATTLESHIP MISSOURI 135.00
192-2 1/192 scale MERCHANT SHIP 135.00
192-1D NAVAL SHIP DECALS (1/192 - 1/200 SCALE) photo shown Discontinued
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Shipping: (USA - $3.00; Canada - $12.00; Mexico - $12.00)
Shipping (Foreign add $28.00 for Air Mail)
Washington State Residents add 7.5% tax
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Due to unusually high loss rates while trying to ship products to Russia via the mail, we are unfortunately being forced to use a higher level of mail service (Priority International Insured) to get our products to customers there. This also forces us to raise our shipping rates substantially. Orders being sent to Russia must now include $35.00 USD to cover the postage for all orders (dealers not included.) We sincerely regret this turn of events, but we are no longer able to absorb the cost of these losses.

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We accept personal checks, cashier's checks, money orders or cash. U.S. Funds only.


We now accept PayPal payments. To start your own PayPal account, visit When making payments via PayPal, total up the cost of goods, then add $2.00 to cover the PayPal fee. Finally, add the shipping and handling fee. Send your PayPal payment with your order to

We are not setup for credit cards at this time.

Make all checks payable to :
- Gold Medal Models -
Overseas Buyers : Cheques must have these three items : 1. Funds must be in U.S. Dollars;
2. Funds must be drawn on a U.S. Bank; 3. A computer-generated routing number must be visible along cheque's lower edge. If in doubt, use a postal money order.

P.O. Box 670
WA 98261

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