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WW2 USN Aircraft Decals (1/350 Scale)

A single 10" by 4" sheet that contains hundreds of markings in full color including national insignia in four sizes (24", 36", 48" and 60" diameters) and for five historical periods (pre-WW2 to 1942, 1942 to June 1943, June 1943 to Oct. 1943, Oct. 1943 to 1947, and 1947 to present day (these latter being intended for modelers building Essex-class ships in Korean war configuration.) Total number of all national insignia in all sizes and eras: 532. Also on the sheet are alphabet letters in one size (24" high) and numbers in two sizes (24" and 36" high) with both printed in two colors: black and white. Five alphabet sets are white, two are black, and all are 24" high. There are 42 sets of numerals from 1 through 0 provided; twenty sets are 24" high and 22 are 36" high with half printed in white and half in black. White "NAVY and "MARINES" markings are supplied, too; 34 36" NAVY's, 12 48" NAVY's, and 22 36" MARINES'. A small number of other useful markings are also provided. Up to ten aircraft in each era's markings can be equipped with this decal; in some cases, twenty or more can be outfitted depending on aircraft size. A full air wing for one era will require about four sheets.


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