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Detailed photos plus reviews of the original version of this PE set will be found A review of the upgraded version will follow in the near future.

UPGRADED AND ENLARGED! 1/700 version includes Railing in several styles including pre-shaped sections for upswept bow; vertical and inclined ladders; flight deck safety nets; special rails, safety nets, and yardarm footrails for Arleigh Burke-class DDs, SH-60 and SH-3 helicopter rotors; details for ships' boats including motor whaleboats, motorboats, and utility boats; yardarm footrails and anemometers; D.F. antennas; special aft missile launcher nets for DDG-2 class ships; bridge window frames in two sizes; fold-to-shape flag bags in two sizes; ECM antennas in several styles; radars including the SPS-6, SPS-8, SPS-10/SPS-67, SPS-12, SPS-29/SPS-37, SPS-40, SPS-43A, SPS-49, and OPS-14B radars; masts and platforms for FF-1052 and FFG-7 class ships, platforms, antenna and mast for Mount Whitney & Blue Ridge-class ships.

1/350 version contains enough material for up to two models. It furnishes railing in several styles including special rails for Arleigh Burke and other classes; vertical and inclined ladders; yardarm footrails for Arleigh Burke and other classes; radars including the SPS-6, SPS-8, SPS-10/SPS-67, SPS-12, SPS-29/SPS-37, SPS-40, SPS-48, and SPS-49 antennas; TDY-1 ECM antenna; two other styles of smaller ECM antennas; D.F. Antennas, Cable Reels, Stokes Litters; Windshield Wipers; Watertight Doors in closed and open positions; Main and Tail Helicopter Rotors for two SH-60 Seahawks, Helicopter Deck Safety Nets for Spruance, Ticonderoga, And Arleigh Burke-class ships, and several lengths of simulated stud-link anchor chains.

SCALES AVAILABLE: 1/700*, 1/350**.

*Fits all 1/700 kits of modem USN and Japanese Maritime Self Defense Force ships (no ships' screws)

**Fits DML/Revell/Dragon Spruance and Ticonderoga kits and Panda Arleigh Burke-class ships. Can also be used on other kits in nearby scales.

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